19th March 2019

New red listing of Finnish Odonata has been published (2019) (includes a summary in English).

11th March 2013

Demoiselle Damselflies has been published! Full text in English. You can order the book here

Demoiselle damselflies

2th September 2012

A new publication for download: Observations on adult Somatochlora sahlbergi a species at risk due to regional climate change? (Odonata: Corduliidae) by Asmus Schröter, Thomas Schneider, Elias Schneider, Sami Karjalainen and Matti Hämäläinen. Libellula 31 (1/2) 2012: 41-60

26th December 2011

Two new species for Finland were found in the summer of 2011: Lestes virens and Sympetrum fonscolombii.

4th September 2010

Two new species for Finland were found during this summer: Anax imperator and Sympetrum pedemontanum.

23rd March 2010

Updated edition of my dragonfly book has been published.

Suomen sudenkorennot ISBN: 9513154254

17th April 2008

A new publication for download (2,0 MB): Karjalainen, S. 2007. New provincial records of Finnish dragonflies (Odonata) in 20022007. Sahlbergia 13: 1325. (In Finnish with English summary).

27th February 2008

New book: Metalwing Demoiselles by Albert G. Orr & Matti Hämäläinen.

27th February 2008

Information on Finnish dragonflies in English (presented by the Finnish Dragonfly Society).

30th December 2006

New web pages of Finnish Dragonfly Society (in Finnish).

25th September 2006

In this summer, a new society, the Finnish Dragonfly Society (Suomen sudenkorentoseura) has been founded.

20th May 2004

Sympecma paedisca has been found as new to Finland.

13th May 2003

My book on Finnish dragonflies received a highly acclaimed award, State Prize for Dissemination of Information. The award was given by the minister of education in Finland.

April 2003

My book on Finnish dragonflies was awarded for its pictures and illustrations (photos) in Best Of The Year competition by Association of Professional Graphic Designers In Finland.

23rd August 2002

Many very interesting records have been made this summer in Finland. Aeshna mixta was found as new to Finland. Nehalennia speciosa was recorded for the first time in 21 years. New locations of several other threatened species have also be found.

March 2002

My book on the dragonflies of Finland was released.


On this site you can find photographs of dragonflies and information on Finnish dragonflies. These are also the homepages of the Finnish dragonfly book.